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Drag and drop or click the name of the roast to add it to the bag. If you would like the same roast to fill more than one section, drag and drop it onto more than one section, or click the plus sign to add as many times as you would like.


We would recommend limiting your blends to four roast types. Each time you add a roast it will fill 1/10th of a pound in your bag. Once you have filled all 10 sections with your favorite roasts, add it to your cart and you're all set!

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Brazil + X

Brazil is known for low acidity, with nutty qualities such as pistachio and pecan. Although it keeps its composure, Brazil is often utilized as ‘the meat’ with the potatoes. It is a crucial and often used as an undertone to many well roasted blends.

Ethiopia + X

Yirgacheffe is one of the more delicate profiles. It is very balanced and regarded as one of the finest coffees in the world. It has the classic character of the region- fruity, with currant and citrus notes. Don’t be fooled by the verbiage as this coffee is tenderhearted and balanced.   Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of Arabica coffee! It has such a long tradition of cultivation that it stands apart in the coffee industry. There are distinct regions that have characters unlike each other. This is due in part to the fact that trading of seeds between regions has traditionally NOT happened. This allows them to have vastly different qualities. As we said earlier, we like to source from all of the regions especially Yirgacheffe an Sidamo. We like the jasmine and floral notes present in Yirgacheffe and the bolder, spicier character of Sidamo. These are amazing as single origin or in a blend where they provide complexity.

Colombia + X

Colombia has cane sugar sweetness, medium complexity and heavy mouth feel. It may often be used as a quality blender to provide character to any blend.   Colombia has a great history in coffee. As an entire country it works together to push growing technique. It has extremely high standards for producers. Colombia has a challenge in its infrastructure as far as getting the coffee to the ports yet it is one of the top producing countries in the world. In our primary espresso blend we use what is called an excelso grade coffee. The other grade is supremo which we source often from estates. Both are brilliant. We like them for the subtle fruit and sweetness qualities and also the red wine character that is often present.

Costa Rica + X

This superb coffee has a medium acidity and a happy punch in the face. It has a stronger start, less middle and mild finish. Wonderful as a single origin, Costa Rica is known for its sweet qualities and is often blended to balance other coffees from around the world   Costa Rican Coffee is unique in Central America as it contains all of the climate and terrain profiles. It has Atlantic and Pacific coasts, high mountain peaks and cloud forests. It has been exporting coffee since the mid 1800’s and they are very good at what they do. Costa Rica produces some of the brightest, sweetest coffee in the world.

Guatemala + X

This is our favorite coffee. Let me reiterate- this is our favorite coffee. Existing naturally as a beautiful chocolate motherf#@$%& Guatemala is smooth and bold, but never bitter if roasted correctly. This is a perfect Saturday morning in bed brew.   Here we have our favorite! The Guatemalan coffee that Anvil sources is traceable and in some cases, direct source. We carry coffee from Attilan, Solola, Huehuetenango, San Marcos and Antigua. Most of the coffee is considered SHB (strictly hard bean) and SHG (strictly high grown). These are two brilliant qualities. The Coffee we love from Guatemala has heavy chocolate and red wine notes. This is important since we also own Overbluff Cellars. It is extremely well balanced and bold.

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